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Printable Horse Bill of Sale By Example Form [FREE]

Selling a horse is generally not a simple choice to make. When the moment does come you will certainly wish to make sure you have a proof of purchase that information the purchase information. (Horse Bill of Sale)

In this article, I am going to show to you the printable horse bill of sale form that I used for dozens of horses I sold when I utilized to purchase and resell horses in The golden state.

Please remember that I am not a legal representative and nothing in this article is meant to constitute as lawful recommendations.

This form has actually not been assessed by a lawyer. Anytime you have an inquiry concerning the regulation you must work with a lawyer.

Before continue to read this article, you must read Scoring, Concepts & Required Test

Anything in a Horse Bill of Sale

Purchase Rate and Repayment

In this area I put the total purchase cost.


When it comes to a down payment pending veterinarian check, I add details regarding the deposit here. In my instance, I only reimbursed deposits if the horse failed a veterinary pre-purchase examination.

For me, this helped get rid of customers regret where the customer goes house and determines they really did not want to spend that much or whatever.

Since I made it extremely clear to potential purchasers they were under no pressure to put a deposit down, the factor I did this was. I never obtained one or pressured them. In my case, I really did not have issues marketing horses and I certainly really did not desire somebody to feel pressured purchasing one.

Why not refund it if they transform their mind? This comes down to pure organisation technique.

As soon as a deposit is positioned on a horse I would draw all ads and allow all various other interested celebrations recognize that the horse was deposit pending.

If the horse were to all of a sudden become available again, possible buyers would certainly want to know why and they might not take my word that it had not been because of a fallen short veterinarian check.

Certainly, it’s your selection whether or not to refund a deposit, I’m just allowing you recognize why I do not.


As-Is” is a term you will commonly hear when purchasing anything “used” and horses are no exception. I let the purchasers recognize in this area that the horse they are purchasing is being sold “as-is”. I am not assuring anything.

My ad might claim the horse has the capacity for western pleasure or that my yearling need to make a good cow horse. With this paragraph, I am claiming that I can’t guarantee the horse will certainly work for western satisfaction or the yearling will certainly mature to be a cutter.


This is an integral part for me. I motivated vet checks. As a seller, I would certainly even supply potential customers with a list of vets in the area that might offer one and their contact number.

I never ever danced or stayed clear of around the subject of a veterinarian check when I was offering horses. If the buyer asked me if the horse was audio I would merely tell them that the horse appeared audio to me but that I am not a veterinarian and they must have a vet check done to validate that.

Certainly, I do not desire the vet exam component to take also long so I include a time frame. By doing this the horse isn’t resting at my location for weeks waiting to obtain a visit with some veterinarian that has actually an insane booked schedule.

Transfer of Possession/ Ownership

When it comes to horse sales, ownership is a sticky topic. Let’s claim you sell the purchaser and a horse pays completely yet they do not pick it up. The horse has a heart attack and passes away (I know an extreme situation), now the buyer doesn’t wish to take the horse home.

Since the customer never ever took property, I have actually heard of instances like this where the vendor had to reimburse all of the purchase price.

Once more, I’m not a legal representative, yet I clarify in my agreements that possession transfers upon invoice of repayment. They might not have actually taken the horse yet however it is theirs to take.

Danger of Loss

Danger of loss is the risk that the horse passes away, gets ill or ends up being hurt. This area works together with the transfer of ownership/possession above.

What if the purchaser asks to board the horse with you for two months and the horse passes away. Currently they desire a reimbursement due to the fact that they never also took the horse home.

Enrollment Documents

Enrollment papers are important, as is an authorized transfer. I constantly provided the documents and an authorized transfer at the time of shipment or pick-up if I claim a horse is registered.

Real tale, I have actually had purchasers return years later on (I’m chatting 8-10 years) claiming I really did not supply the documentation. It is for scenarios like these that it is constantly best to have the purchaser preliminary they have actually received all registration documents, test results, etc in good order.

Good Idea: If you can, make a copy of all papers before handing them over.

Fill in the Blank

I included this for you so you can write in whatever. I recognize often you absolutely blank on having a bill of sale ready and you need a printable horse receipt form currently.

When you subscribe you’ll be redirected to the.pdf printable horse receipt form however I’ll likewise send you an e-mail with a link to the google docs variation you can edit/mockup as you please when you aren’t in a hurry.

If you do tailor the file to satisfy your demands, keep a blank duplicate in your glove box, at the barn, in the horse trailer, etc. You never ever know when you may require it.

Laws & Entire Arrangement

I saw this on a lot of agreements so I added it in mine.

It primarily states I stay in xx state and if you wish to sue me you need to sue me in my state. I have actually read this avoids issues where somebody buys your horse from out of state and wants to file a suit in their residence state.

The part regarding the whole contract simply indicates that we may have talked a lot and stated a great deal of points yet if it isn’t on this bill of sale it isn’t part of the sale. This area is meant to stop an issue where the customer says you “assured” something vocally and didn’t follow through.

Base Things

This is like address, trademarks, dates and that type of great stuff.

Referrals When Marketing a Horse

Here are a few recommendations I have for just how to market a horse:

  • Always, constantly be sincere. It is ineffective to harm your online reputation or have your horse end up in a bad scenario.
  • Make a duplicate of whatever for yourself.
  • Take a picture of all sides of the horse the day it leaves your home. Ideally with the purchaser holding the horse just in case there are any type of questions of problems later.
  • Take a video clip of the horse strolling and trotting simply in case there are questions of soundness later on (and never guarantee soundness … the customer can pay a vet for that).
  • Utilize this COMPLIMENTARY horse record form to provide the purchaser a checklist of all the vaccinations, deworming and farrier background for the horse.

After the Sale

  1. Print a copy of any/ all ads and then update the horse as sold almost everywhere.
  2. Construct your copies of all of your paperwork, check them and email them to buyer. Many customers will value this AND it guarantees you both have an electronic duplicate.
  3. Make certain to save any type of e-mail or message exchanges.

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Experience Selling Horse

mule vs hinny vs horse vs donkey
mule vs hinny vs horse vs donkey

I’ve offered most likely extra horses than lots of people will possess in their lifetime and never ever had a concern. For the most part, individuals are sincere. A customer is seeking their next desire horse and a seller is aiming to go on.

That being stated, having the documentation provided above has conserved me a number of times from needing to argue with the customer. Normally, it’s since they shed papers and intend to state I never ever provided them. I either show them the bill of sale with their initials saying they got them or reveal them they signed off that the horse did not featured papers.

All the same, you will possibly never ever have a concern yet simply in case, have duplicates of whatever.

Last Verdict

When offering horses, once more I’m not a lawyer so this is simply my explanation of why I have the phrasing I do in the bill of sale I utilize.

Some of the areas might not be worded appropriately and some might be non-defensible. Nothing in this message comprises legal advice. If you have inquiries ask a legal representative. Better yet, purchase a form created by attorneys.

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The reality is, a lot of us aren’t going to market a horse useful sufficient to make it worth going to anything yet little insurance claims court. For those of us who do deal with better horses, you would be foolish to utilize this form without having it assessed.

You intend to be sincere when marketing your horse and try to have documentation ready beforehand so you are not caught off guard.

If you prepare to download the FREE Printable Horse Proof Of Sale Form, use the signup form listed below.

Allow’s say you sell a horse and the purchaser pays in full yet they don’t pick it up. The horse has a heart assault and passes away (I recognize an extreme scenario), currently the buyer does not desire to take the horse house.

What if the buyer asks to board the horse with you for two months and the horse dies. I understand often you completely empty on having a bill of sale all set and you need a printable horse bill of sale form currently. A buyer is looking for their next desire horse and a vendor is looking to relocate on.

Horse Bill of Sale
credit to

This general information form is handy any time you need to provide (or obtain) general information about a horse.

This would be useful during the sale/adoption process as well as when switching boarding facilities, traveling to a show, or even as a general information sheet for your horse sitter.

Horse Bill of Sale Form

The Horse Bill of Sale, or ‘horse’ is a legal document that details a deal between two (2) parties with regard to the purchase/sale and as a result, adjustment of possession of a horse.

Need to the animal call for a health examination, prior to a full acquisition, it’s likely that a down payment will be needed. Ought to the celebrations move forward with the sale of the animal, the down payment amount will certainly be deducted from the balance due.

When Should I Make Use Of a Horse Bill of Sale?

Anytime you intend on marketing, acquiring, or moving ownership of a horse from a single person to an additional, you will certainly need a Horse Bill of Sale. This sales file is important in detailing whatever related to the acquisition and transfer.

This is a legitimately binding paper. As a matter of fact, you’ll require this paper if there is ever before a disagreement concerning who is the true proprietor of the horse, or if inquiries show up about its lineage.

Just how Do I Deal with Acquiring a Horse?

Owning a horse is a substantial individual duty. They’re costly and need lots of knowledge and experience. If you’re all set for the obligation, or if you’re a knowledgeable owner including to your herd, comply with the steps listed below.

  • Decide on the Horse You Want

Are you a horse breeder, a rancher, or trying to find a horse to show in a particular discipline? Or are you simply searching for a family members horse for the children? There are a lot of various horses available and it is necessary to know which sort of horse you wish to buy.

If this is your very first time purchasing a horse, it may be best to begin with a calm, well-trained horse. Be sure to talk to a knowledgeable horse person to determine your demands.

If you’re planning to make use of the horse or reproduce for showing or sports, you hopefully already recognize whatever you need to know, however it’s always a great idea to do your study and seek advice from skilled individuals.

  • Figure out Your Budget

Horses require a large room, a tough fence, shelter, a lot of food, and lots of care. Every one of this can be really exhausting on your financial resources if you aren’t all set for it. Prior to you buy, function out a spending plan figuring in expenses of food, tack, veterinarian expenses, boarding, and whatever else you’ll need.

  • Find a Vendor

If you’re ready to acquire a horse, then search for sellers from people you may recognize, public auctions, ads, or dog breeders. Verify the reputation of the seller and ask great deals of concerns about the horse. Opportunities are, if the seller’s document is clear and they’re well-informed regarding the horse, they’re a trustworthy seller.

  • Test Out the Horse Face To Face

It’s crucial to see the horse firsthand before you buy. See the owner handle the horse, manage it yourself, and ride it if feasible.

You’ll wish to see the horse a few different times to guarantee that it remains in health and the best suitable for you. Ask the seller if you can take the horse residence on test if feasible. A lot of will certainly agree and you’ll be able to ensure it’s the right suitable for you.

  • Place and discuss a cost Down a Down payment

When you’re certain this is the horse you desire, after that it’s time to work out a price. Put it in composing as soon as an agreement is made. You’ll additionally intend to take down a good faith deposit to reveal you’re serious about the purchase.

  • The Pre-purchase Vet Assessment

It’s always best to have a veterinarian offer a physical of the horse and see to it doesn’t have any troubles before you purchase. With a Horse Bill of Sale, sales are as-is. You do not intend to invest good cash on an unbalanced horse.

  • Wrapping up the Sale

As soon as whatever is set in creating and the price is paid, you’ll just require to have a public notary make it official and to safeguard the sale versus any possible fraudulence. You can usually locate a public notary at your local or county offices. Congratulations– you’re the brand-new owner of a horse!

Benefits of Horse Bill of Sale

Seller gets right of first refusal if anytime in the life of the horse, the receiver or Buyer is unable or reluctant to maintain the Horse. Before drafting the horse proof of purchase type, it is essential to guarantee that all legislations and ordinances that regulate the horse selling activity in the state/country are suitably valued.
If the customer declines to pre-examine the horse, he/she will certainly not have any right to insurance claim activity against the vendor for any issues concerning the horse. The celebrations confess that all retailing between them with regard to depictions, terms of sale and repayment are combined with the regards to this arrangement.
In this Agreement, Seller has actually made the horse accessible for such evaluations as Buyer considers appropriate and Buyer validates that seller neither provide any service warranty that the horse is abundant nor of the physical fitness of the horse for competing or breeding objectives. Below the purchasers and seller requires to divulge all the compensations, the name of the individual that got and is accountable.

A few other Benefits

According to this agreement, the seller verifies to sell, appoint, move, and communicate full belongings of the horse on the conditions accepted by the customer. The purchase price and the last day of settlement are pointed out.
Before distribution and complete payment of the acquisition cost in a given time, the right to have the horse remains with the Seller. Buyer confirms that he/she will certainly prepare to seize the horse from the horse’s present place. He/she likewise agrees that after the shipment of the horse, all danger of loss will certainly pass from seller to purchaser.
According to the regards to this Agreement, after the delivery of the horse, seller shall promote the Jockey Club Certificate for the horse if the buyer instructs and will give that Certificate as if instructed. Vendor ensures the Buyer will certainly obtain clear possession and title to the horse without any claims made by the Seller.

Tips How to Create a Horse Bill of Sale

Free Download PDF Horse Bill of Sale Template Printable
Example How to Make Horse Bill of Sale Printable

Step 1 – Date and Parties

Get in the day in which the file is being produced

Vendor’s Name

Vendor’s Mailing Address

Step 2 – Horse Summary

Horse’s Name.



Day of Birth.

Registration Number.

Enter an appropriate description of the horse.

Step 3 – Purchase Cost Info.

Get in the quantity of the agreed purchase price.

Inspect the box that finest suggests the intention of the brand-new owner when it come to a health check.

Go into the final day that the check up need to be completed if a wellness examination has actually been asked for.

Step 4 – Down Payment & Trademarks (Signatures).

Get in the agreed quantity of the Security Deposit.


Check package refusing deposit, but complete repayment when the purchaser is prepared to purchase.

The vendor must check out the “Various other Insurance claims” area of the file and have to concur and read. before application of signature.

Governing regulation – Enter the state in which the horse is being purchased.

Date the signatures in dd/mm/yyyy layout.

Provide the Vendor’s Signature/Printed Call.

Buyer’s Signature/Printed Name.

Witness’ Signatures/Printed Labels.

Step 5 – Acknowledgement of Notary Public.

As the document is finished and the finalizing events have actually given recognition, the notary will provide their required info and recommendation.

The Horse Bill of Sale, or ‘horse’ is a legal document that details a deal between 2 (2) parties with regard to the purchase/sale and for that reason, change of ownership of a horse. Are you a horse dog breeder, a breeder, or looking for a horse to reveal in a specific self-control?

There are a lot of various horses out there and it’s vital to recognize which kind of horse you want to get.

If this is your very first time getting a horse, it might be best to start off with a calm, trained horse. With a Horse Bill of Sale, sales are as-is.

Free Download Printable Horse Bill of Sale Form

Free Download Equine Bill of Sale Template by billofsale-form,com
Free Download Equine Bill of Sale Template by billofsale-form,com


Free Download Horse Bill of Sale Template by
Example Horse Bill of Sale Template by


Free Download Printable Horse Bill of Sale Template by
Free Download Printable Horse Bill of Sale Template by


Horse Bill of Sale Template by
Horse Bill of Sale Template by


Free Horse Bill of Sale Template Printable
Horse Bill of Sale Template Printable by


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