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Shire Horse Breed Profile

How To Training and Treatment Tips Grooming Shire Horse – The stunning and rare shire horse is best understood for its elevation and strength, holding documents for being the tallest horse in the world. Appearing similar to a Clydesdale, these horses are definitely huge with big unguis and feathering on their legs.

In spite of their imposing dimension, shire steeds are usually calm, accommodating, and anxious to please. They can be helpful for horse enthusiasts of any type of experience degree, as long as the person fits with such a large horse.

Shire Horse Breed Overview

Shire Horse Size Dimension

The shire horse is the highest horse type, standing at approximately around 16 hands (64 inches) to 18 hands (72 inches). Some counties also get to 19 hands (76 inches) or a lot more, with the stallions typically being taller than the mares. The breed commonly considers between 1,800 and 2,400 extra pounds.

  • Weight: 1,800 to 2,400 extra pounds
  • Height: 16 hands (64 inches) to 18 hands (72 inches).
  • Type of Body: Really high; muscular develop; huge hooves; feathering on legs; long, arched neck; somewhat Roman nose.
  • Best Used For: All degrees of motorcyclists and owners.
  • Life Span: 25 to three decades.

Colors and Markings

Shire steeds are generally black, bay, grey, or brownish. The U.K. breed criterion does not permit chestnut shades. And while the horses frequently have white face and leg markings, too much white markings are not wanted for the breed.

Unique Characteristics of the Shire Horse.

One of the most impressive characteristics of the shire horse are its enforcing height and severe strength, qualities documented both in document books and anecdotally. For instance, in the 1920s, a pair of counties apparently drew a lots of greater than 45 loads, though the precise weight could not be identified because it surpassed the range’s ability.

The breed likewise is widely known for its relaxed nature. Shires don’t alarm easily. This quality likely arose from the breed’s initial use confidently lugging soldiers in heavy armor into loud, unsafe battle scenarios.

Like Clydesdales, shire steeds have distinct feathering – lengthy hairs of hair – on their reduced legs, and their hooves are huge.

Shire Horse Breeding

shire horse breeding
shire horse

Bred for its dimension, toughness, and relaxed behavior, the shire horse was utilized thoroughly to pull carts of ale from breweries to hostelries.

Prior To World War 1, these gentle titans generally functioned as farm equines, functioning and pulling wagons in fields. When coal was a significant resource of heat and light, shires were used to pull enormous coal wagons over harsh roads.

Today, the shire horse is still prominent for pulling lorries, such as sightseeing and tour wagons, and many equestrians appreciate riding the docile breed for pleasure.

They are an environmentally friendly option to tractors on small ranches and are still made use of in logging procedures.

They additionally are a popular promotional tool for modern beer brewers, a few of whom are once more making distributions by horse and wagon.

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Diet Regimen and Nutrition

Shire steeds consume a common horse diet regimen that consists of high quality hay, grain, veggies, and fruits. They simply need a whole lot extra food (and water) than an average-sized horse to preserve a healthy body weight. Some vets recommend high-fat diets to ward off polysaccharide storage myopathy, a condition that can trigger convulsions in the back legs.

Common Health & Behaior Troubles

Shire steeds are normally healthy and balanced with very calm, agreeable perspectives. But the breed is prone to chronic dynamic lymphedema.

This is a condition in which the legs progressively become swollen, though management can aid slow its development. While polysaccharide storage myopathy is not that common in shire equines, some still may experience its bouts of leg rigidity, cramps, and spasms.


The feathering around a shire horse’s reduced legs needs regular cleaning and cleansing to stay clear of skin irritation and infection. It is likewise essential to completely dry out the feathering after a bath, as a wet setting can breed fungi and germs.

Apart from that, these equines take conventional equine pet grooming. You might require a strong feces or ladder to reach all the high factors on your horse’s body.

Pros. Cons.
Smooth behavior Calls for additional brushing focus
Strong Up keep can be expensive price horse
Easy to train —-

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Champ and Celebrity Shire Steeds

shire horse colors
shire horse with best colors

One of the most famous shire horses was the magnificent Goliath, who died in 2001. An attractive black horse renowned for his personality, he was a participant of a program horse group possessed by the Youthful and Co. brewery.

The world’s biggest horse of all time could have been a shire born in 1848 named Mammoth. He stood 21.2 hands high and weighed an approximated 3,300 pounds.

Is The Shire Horse Right For You?

While they’re substantial in dimension, shire horses are usually workable, also for unskilled owners and riders. Some riders might need a boost to climb up aboard, yet they can be reasonably certain of a smooth flight.

Since of its large dimension, it needs even more feed than most various other horse breeds. If you have the time and implies to care for this horse, it can be a top quality companion.

Exactly How to Buy or Adopt Shire Horse

Shire horses can be somewhat hard to discover due to the fact that of the breed’s rarity. Researching respectable horse saves or dog breeders online is frequently your finest wager, though it’s extremely suggested that you spend time with a horse before choosing to bring it home.

The History of the Shire Horse

Draft Shire Horse
Draft Shire Horse

The Shire Horse has actually played a big function in the world, first in England and then worldwide. Initially it was used as a battle horse bring knights in armour, and after that it was the primary source of power in industry and agriculture for 250 years. Again it ended up being a battle horse in the Second & First world wars pulling the heavy artillery in terrible problems.

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The Shire Horse almost came to be vanished after the second World War and it was only the devotion of a handful of dog breeders l that has prevented it from going away from our countryside for ever. Today, however, Shire Horses are boosting in numbers around the world as an increasing number of individuals fall in love with this awesome horse.

The English Great Horse or War Horse

The origin of the Shire Horse dates back to a cold blooded hefty horse, very first pointed out in around 1066 brought into England after the Norman Occupation. From this developed the “English Great Horse” of the Center Ages commonly spoken of by Medieval authors.

In Middle ages times it was essential to increase the size and variety of horses called “The Terrific Horse” in order to carry knights in full armour.

During the power of Henry VIII, from 1509 to 1547, unique interest was routed to the raising and breeding of solid equines.

Then a number of legislations were passed with that in mind. Acts were passed in 1535 and 1541 forbidding the use for breeding of horses under 15 hands in height. Additionally banning all exportation, even right into Scotland.

It is from this heritage as a Battle Horse that the Shire Horse of today was initially reproduced.

The English Draught Horse or English Black

From the end of the 16th Century hefty equines were required to carry heavy wagons & coaches across the countryside at once when roads disappeared than deep rutted sloppy tracks.

Currently lots of Flanders & Friesian steeds, primarily black, with feathered legs, were imported from Holland. They had an excellent impact in the advancement of the Shire presenting a refining aspect and a better, freer movement.

These Dutch equines were utilized in the initial half of the 17th century when job began on draining the Fens in the eastern of England in Lincolnshire & Cambridgeshire. A huge wide footed horse was needed to give the stamina and weight required for the hefty work.

When the work was ended up, these steeds continued to be in the location and were utilized for breeding. They were after that marketed into Leicestershire, Staffordshire & Derbyshire therefore from the Shires of England created the Shire Horse.

Both in business and agriculture Shire horses literally made the wheels of Britain’s market go round. They operated in areas, in the areas, on quays and docks, on canal towpaths, for trains and mills.

There were countless them. There was a significant demand, for many, several years, for huge equines with wonderful muscle toughness and an even temperament and the breeders applied their skills in creating these important traits.

The English Shire Horse & Shire Horse Culture

The foundation Stallion of the Shire Breed is acknowledged as being the Packington Blind Horse that stood at Packington near Ashby de la Zouch between 1755 and 1770.

He was black and shows up in the very first Shire Stud Book as a result of the large number of horses came down from him.

By 1800, the Shire draught breed was well established, from the continuous breeding for a type, fit for its purpose, although there was no stud book at that time.

The English Cart Horse Society was established in 1876 and released the first stud publication 2 years later on. The Shire Stud Book has constantly been ‘open’, allowing the grading in of spawn from the appropriate type of steeds.

In 1884 the Society altered its name to the Shire Horse Society. Right now the Shire horse was still significantly a work horse however was being shown extensively, which fierce competition, combined with a stud book where breeders might locate detailed. Successful program steeds and their relatives, caused more enhancement of the breed.

The Shire had a massive following, consisting of King George V. His stallion Field Marshall V won the London Program two times prior to taking place to be one of the most influential sires of his time.

The Shire once more played an integral part in the Second & 1st World Wars drawing the heavy artillery After the 2nd world War with the improvement in mechanism the Shire was no more needed in either market or agriculture and in the 1950’s was almost destined extinction.

Numbers of horses (including Shires) utilized for agriculture including mares for breeding fell significantly from 550,000 in 1939 to just 5000 on 1972. The subsequent resurgence of the Shire owes much to a few determined exhibitors & breeders and Breweries using them for brief haul work and promotions.

The Shire Horse in Australia

Shire Steeds were imported right into Australia during the 1800’s and very early 1900’s, however inadequate to form a practical herd.

Many were stallions that were put over local mares. The very early Shire, being so big and heavy, had a hard time in Australia with the cross countries and harsh environment. By the mid-1920’s, registered Shires had actually practically passed away out.

In 1981, Helene and Gregory Scarf imported the first signed up Shire stallion, Ladbrook Edward, ahead into Australia for around 60 years.

They quickly adhered to Edward with importing a small herd of mares. Others soon adhered to and the Shire numbers in Australia have gradually built up ever since. Nonetheless the Shire Horse is still a really rare horse in Australia, as on the planet usually.

Modern Uses

black shire horse running show
black shire horse running show

The Shire Horse has actually always evolved. The modern Shire is effective and huge, however graceful and sports, with white markings and stunning flowing, silky hair (feathers) on its reduced legs.

Today, the Shire is a very functional horse and it is utilized for driving in carts, all kinds of riding, pulling farming applies like sleds and ploughs, weddings and promos.

They are also a spectacular program horse. Many people just keep a Shire as a gorgeous horse and a devoted close friend to have.

The Shire Horse almost became vanished after the 2nd Globe Battle and it was only the dedication of a tiny number of breeders l that has avoided it from vanishing from our countryside for ever before. Today, however, Shire Equines are enhancing in numbers all over the globe as even more. And even more people fall in love with this amazing horse.

He was black and shows up in the initial Shire Stud Book because of the big number of equines descended from him. The Shire Horse is still an extremely rare horse in Australia, as in the globe normally.

Today, the Shire is an extremely flexible horse and it is used for driving in carts, all types of riding, pulling agricultural applies like sleds and ploughs, promotions and wedding events.


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